I’m taking an online course called Klein Artist Works. He asks all the artists that speak via webinar and the ones taking the course, did they always know they were an artist? or when did they know they were artists. Tonight I’m thinking about that.

I remembered something.

I stayed after Mrs. Wriggles’ art class to help clean up. 3rd or 4th grade. We had been doing something with India ink and I’d made a mess. I ended up staying in the art room the whole afternoon and no one noticed I was gone. Mrs. Wriggles wasn’t even there.

Mr. White was the custodian and he had a huge barrel of clay in the basement. It was covered with sawdust and a damp cloth to keep it wet. He would give me a lump of it anytime I asked.

Once they had a kid’s carnival at Edison School and they had a cake walk. I won and got to choose what I wanted and I chose the camera. It was plastic. It took 120 film I had to order from the drug store. I was 11 years old and I chose the camera instead of a cake.

Shannon Abbey third grade