Contemporary Realism: Pet Portraits by Shannon Abbey

Shannon Abbey is best known for her expressive and vivid animal portraiture. Her masterful painting style, her strong drawing skills, and her ability to capture the inner personality of her subjects, makes these paintings much more than a likeness of a beloved family member.
She combines the traditional techniques of Old Masters Portraiture with Contemporary Realism of Northern California.
Her paintings are exhibited in private and public collections throughout the United States.

She came to California to complete a rigorous course of study at the Academy of Art University with the great illustrator Barbara Bradley.
She was on the faculty of the Academy of Art and at California College of Art in San Francisco.
Shannon’s studio is in Petaluma California. She is assisted by studio dog Molly, an English Setter/border collie mix.

The Process

How does it work?

We will have a chat. I will need as many photos of your wee darling as you have. Many of the paintings I do are memorial portraits. In that case, I’m happy to work with the photos you have. For the pastel portraits, I require the full fee in advance. For all other paintings, I ask for 50% of the fee to begin and remainder upon completion.

How long does it take?

Each portrait will be timed according to other ongoing projects. The pastel portraits can be ready within a few days. The acrylic paintings take 3 weeks start to finish once you reach the front of the queue.

How much does it cost?

Winter 2019 – Prices subject to change.

Pastel portrait $200

Acrylic paintings

6″ x 6″ $600

11″ x 17″ or 12″ x 12″ $1750

24″ x 24″ $3000

multiple pets  additional 1/2 again minimum

Prices vary with more figures and added complexity.

I am under a tight deadline, can you do a rush job?
Sure but it’ll cost ya.
How do I get a good photo of my pet?

To get an excellent painting of your pet I need good photos. You can bring them to me. I charge $100/ hour for this service.

OR- you can easily take your own. 

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