Ptarmy • A memorial portrait

Ptarmy • A memorial portrait

This beloved pooch was a treat to paint. Dana is a designer and takes lovely photographs. So, it happened she had terrific pictures of Ptarmigan.

Their dog had recently died and she wanted a birthday gift of Ptarmy for her husband.

Something happens when the animal is recently passed. There is a little sadness in the eyes. I can’t explain that.

I do talk to the paintings as I paint them. I can tell when I’m getting close to finished. ‘That’s a good dog.”

Ptarmigan acrylic painting

Here is one thing I get time and time again from pet owners; that I have captured the personality of their furry friend.

This isn’t something I try to do. It just happens, whether I have met the creature or not.

When Dana came to my studio to pick up the painting she said, “ I have to leave now, because I’m going to cry.”

I get that a lot. It’s part of why I do this thing.