painted commissioned pet portrait

This painting was a breakthrough piece for me. I began thinking I would paint Charlie in his native Marin Hills.

Cocker Spaniel – Charlie

Here is  Charlie the cocker almost done.

She wrapped up a box of candy from TJ Maxx as though it were the gift for her diabetic brother-in-law and then gave him the painting of his dog. This pet portrait painting was a Christmas gift.

Great Dane: The Final

Dropping  our boy at school each day, I often see Ann with her gorgeous Great Dane. I walk Rex, our McNabb. Finally one day we stopped to chat. read more…

Great Dane

another 6 inch by 6 inch portrait commission

another 6 inch by 6 inch portrait commission

Almost done. I want one more photo of this pooch so I can look at the color of his eyes. Isn’t he pretty? The owner says he’s like a super model; big and pretty but not too smart. What? I’m quoting. I have nothing against super models.



This cat is my art school buddy Kevin Evan’s. We’ve known each other for over 20 years. Hell of an artist.

The commission is a gift for his wife, Tara. Not for sale.


My son’s friend’s dog Scout, a sweet terrier


Custom Cat Portrait

I spent a long time with the owner trying to get photos to paint from. She’s a shy cat. Finally gave up with not much to work from. I was about to leave and went back to get something and there she was in perfect light, posed like the Mona Lisa.

My First Pet Portrait : Agnes : She Loves but One

Agnes : She loves but one.

11″ x 14″ Oil on Board

I believe this was my first pet portrait. This is my sister Erin’s cat. She’s still with us and has never adjusted to her housemate,  Pearl the pug. Agnes has always been a one woman cat.

I can see a big difference in this painting from how I work now. This painting is very lean without a lot of layering. I work in acrylics now and find it more challenging to get a rich black.

Acrylics invite layering.


Email: shannon at | Call (707) 599-2505

A dear friend arranged for Shannon to do a painting of my dog for my birthday and it’s the best gift ever. Shannon’s artistry is absolutely captivating. I don’t know how she managed to capture the heart and soul of my dog but she did. A friend who knows my dog was so impressed by the likeness that she had Shannon do portraits of her two dogs and loves them.

Robin Marks

Rawlie's owner

Shannon captured the soul of our sweet Daisy. The eyes say it all! She is displayed with prominence where we get to see her adorable face everyday. Shannon was wonderful to work with. Her professionalism, timeliness and above all, her ability to capture the both the inner and outer likeness of our pet, exceeded our expectations. We will definitely ask her to complete portraits of our other pets.

Kris Allen

Daisy Mae's owner