Jugs and Moe: History June 26, 2016

Marriage equality – the law of the land Yorkshire terrier and Puggle.

They each brought a dog with them to the relationship. Jenn commissioned me to do a painting of both dogs as a surprise wedding gift for her bride. read more…

Bear – toy poodle

A dog painting a day

I didn’t know this dog smiled until I painted him. I delivered this to the client, she gave the painting to her daughter and had me paint another one for her to keep.



20 inch x 20 inch acrylic on board


painted commissioned pet portrait

This painting was a breakthrough piece for me. I began thinking I would paint Charlie in his native Marin Hills.

Cocker Spaniel – Charlie

Here is  Charlie the cocker almost done.

She wrapped up a box of candy from TJ Maxx as though it were the gift for her diabetic brother-in-law and then gave him the painting of his dog. This pet portrait painting was a Christmas gift.

Great Dane: The Final

Dropping  our boy at school each day, I often see Ann with her gorgeous Great Dane. I walk Rex, our McNabb. Finally one day we stopped to chat. read more…

Great Dane

another 6 inch by 6 inch portrait commission

another 6 inch by 6 inch portrait commission

Almost done. I want one more photo of this pooch so I can look at the color of his eyes. Isn’t he pretty? The owner says he’s like a super model; big and pretty but not too smart. What? I’m quoting. I have nothing against super models.


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