Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Meeting

I was the featured artist at the CKCS club event in Oakland California. Drawing dogs all day while the dogs and their owners took part in a show. Please contact me if you’d like me at your dog show, or shelter fundraiser.

Charlie – A Cocker Spaniel

I’m getting ready to start a new portrait of a beautiful standard dachshund named Olive. In the meantime, get a load of Charlie the cocker spaniel

Daisy – a terrier

This sweet terrier was lost in a monster storm a year ago. A gift memorial portrait of a beloved best friend from a woman to her husband.

Lily – The Labradoodle

Acrylic Pet Portrait

This is an example of a painting done from a owner’s own photographs. She took the dog out into her yard and took a dozen or so photos of her sweet pup. I have directions on how to do this under FAQs.

Email: shannon at | Call (707) 599-2505

Your painting is magnificent. You clearly put your heart and soul into it. There is so much being communicated here that the subject matter has expanded way beyond being  just a portrait of a dog. Your talent is amazing.


Kathie Fowler

Siobhan's Owner

A dear friend arranged for Shannon to do a painting of my dog for my birthday and it’s the best gift ever. Shannon’s artistry is absolutely captivating. I don’t know how she managed to capture the heart and soul of my dog but she did. A friend who knows my dog was so impressed by the likeness that she had Shannon do portraits of her two dogs and loves them.

Robin Marks

Rawlie's owner

Shannon captured the soul of our sweet Daisy. The eyes say it all! She is displayed with prominence where we get to see her adorable face everyday. Shannon was wonderful to work with. Her professionalism, timeliness and above all, her ability to capture the both the inner and outer likeness of our pet, exceeded our expectations. We will definitely ask her to complete portraits of our other pets.

Kris Allen

Daisy Mae's owner