Rex. Studio dog – McNabb

Rex walks Jacob to and from school every day. He is just what we wanted in a dog, he walks a little ahead of us on or off leash. His only fault is a tiny bad herding habit. He hasn’t nipped at anyone’s heels in a very long time. He has a deep seated fear of the... read more

How to photograph your pet or schedule a photo shoot

To get an excellent painting of your pet I need good photos. I will come and photograph your pet, or you can bring them to me. I charge $150 per hour for this service. I am in Sonoma County California. Call me (707) 599-2505 OR- you can easily take your own. Here’s how: Photos must be taken in natural light,  at the pet’s eye level. Get down low. I can’t tell you how many pictures I see with a little dog looking up at the owner. It helps to bring a friend along. One of you get the pets attention and the other take the shots. No flash.  If your dog is like mine, the camera makes him nervous, so use the zoom feature. Take a minimum of 6 pictures. I may ask you for more. Get close. The higher the resolution the better. Most pictures taken with your phone are just not going to cut it. However, if you must use your iphone to shoot the photos, turn up the resolution. Get them to stand or sit up, look for the sun to be coming at a 3/4 angle to the pet. Look for light in their eyes, a shadow on one side of the face and did I say no flash? No props, bows, or costumes. If it’s a dog, take them out to their favorite place to run and snap a bunch of pictures, 6 being the minimum. If you have an indoor cat, take the shots when they are in natural light, near a window. Lately I’m using the feature where the camera takes high speed... read more

Black Lab

30 dawgs in 30 days. I am painting 30 paintings in 30 days. Starting today February 12, 2013. Day 1   Join me on Facebook and get dog art every time I post. Soon I’ll be offering contests and opportunities for your pet to be painted.    ... read more

I want a painting of MY pet

I Want One Information on how to commission a portrait of your pet Pricing: My paintings are acrylic painted on a cradled board or on a box I build for 24″ x 24″ or larger 6″ x 6″                                  $300 11″ x 17″ or 12″ x 12″        $750 24″ x 24″                             $1100 48″ x 48″ multiple pets   $4000 Prices vary with more figures and added... read more


This painting was commissioned by Tufts University. After the 9/11 bombing Tufts added a Middle East studies lecture series. Bill Clinton was a keynote speaker. This was on the cover of the program guide. read more